Uptown Buena Vista

Buena Vista Street is composed of two main districts.  There is the cozy, more neighborhood scale closer to the entrance of Disney California Adventure, and then there is classier, more cosmopolitan uptown district composed of the area around Carthay Circle.  It's an interesting progression that doesn't feel jarring, and it even ends in a park icon, or "weenie," just as Main Street, U.S.A. does over at Disneyland. 

I post a lot of Main Street nighttime photos, but I don't do this as much at Buena Vista Street, in part because the monorail crossing at the recreation of the Hyperion Bridge creates an unavoidable break in the space.  But I figured it was about time I try to get a nice shot up the street over at California Adventure, so late last year, I finally decided to hunt for a view.  I don't think this quite mimics the cozy feel of Main Street, but it's still quite serene and inviting!

All peaceful at night on Buena Vista Street.


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