Cinderlla's Castle at Christmas

I'll be frank.  Although this blog boasts being one of the few with nice photos of all 12 Disney theme parks around the world, I don't really post much from Walt Disney World.  This is because my only cache of photos from Disney's Florida resort come from way back in 2009, when I was--lets put it bluntly--not a very good photographer at all.  As a result, compared to what I post today, nothing I really have feels worthwhile.

Fortunately, some parts of Disney World yield amazing photos regardless of photographer skill.  For example, the Cinderella Castle at night during Christmas time.  Since 2007, the park icon has been transformed by Castle Dream Lights during the holiday season, glistening with draped icicles of light.  It makes for a beautiful scene, and even if the example below isn't up to my usual standards of even exposure, I still think the scene is pretty majestic!

Cinderella's winter castle glistens in the holiday night.


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