New York Holidays

The New York portion of Tokyo Disney Sea's American Waterfront features a beautifully gritty representation of the Big Apple at the end of the Industrial Age.  The automobile is beginning its dominance, but rail still has a large presence, and the low rise density is only occasionally interrupted by a standout tower (like the Hotel Hightower, for instance).  This is the nostalgic view of America's first metropolis.  An urban port of call with a neighborhood scale despite its big city emergence.  And during Christmas time, the charm is even more enhanced, taking on a Rockwell vibe.  After all, back in the early 1900s, Christmas in the city was quite the stylish thing to do!

Much like it's namesake, the New York City portion of American Waterfront is bustling by day.
In a certain way, this is Tokyo Disney Sea's Main Street, even though it's to the side.
By the end of the night, the streets have grown quiet.
But the Christmas decorations still add beauty and magic to the air!


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