The Nooks of Mickey Avenue

At the end of my first night at Shanghai Disneyland last year, I found myself swept by security back to Mickey Avenue, the entrance area of the park, where--surprisingly--I was completely free to take whatever photos I wanted unbothered for a solid couple of hours.  This is most likely due to the private, after-hours party a local corporation was holding over in Tomorrowland.  In any case, I was able to take my time and photograph whimsical and charming Mickey Avenue in its holiday tranquility.

I ended up grabbing most of my overall Shanghai Disneyland cache of "empty park" night shots in this one session, and I found myself growing enamored with the strange but charming parts of Mickey Avenue that were off the main boulevard.  The nooks and crannies--few as there are--of a land that's a mixture of Main Street, U.S.A. and Toontown.  With the holiday decorations, the ambiance was especially alluring, as you can see below!


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