Holiday Afternoons in Cape Cod

In Disney California Adventure, Buena Vista Street is separated into a more residential scale neighborhood section guests first enter and a larger scale and more cosmopolitan uptown district at Carthay Circle.  In Tokyo Disney Sea, American Waterfront has a similar division between the metropolitan New York City portion--with its adjacent wharf area that has a Bay Area vibe to it--and its much cozier Cape Cod section, which is quieter and more laid back.  The Cape Cod area carries a nostalgic New England charm, and during the Christmas season, the light touches of noel embellishment here and there add to that warm spirit.  Looking back at a scene like this one gives me fuzzy feelings--both for an incredible past vacation and for the idea and nostalgia present.  It's atmospheric and dreamy, and a beautiful complement to this time of year!

Dusk begins to descend on the Cape Cod section of American Waterfront during a Christmas time afternoon.


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