Among the Docks

The American Waterfront is rich with seaside elements, and in between the bustling metropolitan atmosphere of its New York City neighborhood and the calm, soothing ambiance of its Cape Cod area, there's a space that evokes a bit of San Francisco and the Eastern Seaboard all at once.  This more rustic and old industrial aesthetic bridges across the waterway that cuts through the area, providing plenty of little nooks and crannies to explore and take in the environment.  Walking through these parts, one can almost smell the fresh seafood being offloaded and the inhale the salty air.  Although the second part would be accurate regardless of theme, since Tokyo Disney Sea is actually set along the Japanese coastline!

Boats of all sizes are moored up against the docks at the American Waterfront.
The weathered feel has its own charm.
It's very impressive how many watercraft were made just as theming.
On the other bank, a ferry dock provides boarding for the Disney Sea Transit Steamer Line.


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