Rocket's Racket

The Guardians of the Galaxy attraction opened last year in May, but it wasn't until the Halloween season that I finally rode it (as "Monsters in the Dark").  And not until a month after that did I ride its regular iteration. 

Well, as I suspected, despite its garish exterior, the actual ride is very, very fun.  And the different drop profiles and soundtracks will provide it with a high rate of re-rideability.  But perhaps the most impressive aspect of the former Tower of Terror isn't the ride itself, but rather the incredibly articulated Rocket Racoon animatronic that greets guests inside the Collector's private office during the pre-show.  Rocket looks very much like what a real Guardian of the Galaxy would look like and his motions are lifelike and diverse.  He even hustles across the ledge, showing off impressive area of movement. 

Photos certainly don't do Rocket justice, since they don't show his movements.  But here are a few snapshots showing off just how far Disney animatronics have come since the Tiki Room days!  They've come a very long way.

Guests' attention is directed toward this corner as they enter.
Hey, it's Rocket!
He needs our help to bust out his friends, the Guardians of the Galaxy, from The Collector's Fortress.
Don't worry, he has a great plan.
And yes, we'll thank him later.


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