Inside the Fortress

Fortress Exploration is a "Tom Sawyer Island on Steroids" play area at the heart of Tokyo Disney Sea.  Situated on the far coast of Mediterranean Harbor--technically on the Mysterious Island side--this sprawling playground is home to a variety of walk-through attractions (and two dining establishments) to explore.  The theme imagines what a Renaissance fortification might have looked like, and as such, the ambiance is tough and durable and also exquisite and beautiful.  Here are just a few of the views one might find inside the fortress walls.

Guests wait outside Magellan's, a fantastic sit-down restaurant inside Mediterranean Harbor's Fortress Explorations.
The space within the fortress walls is rugged but elegant at the same time.
The Leonardo Challenge is a scavenger hunt of sorts to be conducted throughout the Fortress Explorations area.
Signs of volcanic activity from adjacent Mount Prometheus can be readily seen from the fortress.
The mountain is always looming.


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