Sunset Over the Lighthouse

On the last day of my first ever trip to the Tokyo Disney Resort, I chased the sunset at Tokyo Disney Sea all the way to the American Waterfront, where the sun set with blazing colors against the clouds in the Cape Cod corner of the land.  The framing of the lighthouse, with the unseen ocean beyond, felt very appropriate.  Although in real New England, one would never see a sunset with the sea behind here, the idea of dramatic skies and a seaside fixture felt wonderfully enchanting.  It was clear that the groups of people gathered at the lighthouse, enjoying the beautiful ambiance, felt that way too.  This was just a moment--a glimmer of beauty at the end of a pretty day, but the sense of satisfaction I felt watching the final moments of a bold sunset fleet away is something I won't soon forget!

Sunset over the lighthouse in the Cape Cod section of American Waterfront.


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