Butte-y Reflected II

Last year, I took a reflection shot in Cars Land at the recommendation of a friend who thought the perspective would be cool, and it turned out pretty nicely.  In fact, I even submitted it to the O.C. Fair, where it was accepted for exhibition. 

Last night, it rained in Southern California, and I was at California Adventure again.  So while walking through Cars Land, I found the same puddle that had formed in the same dip in the pavement and tried it again--this time with my new Nikon D750 and its nifty flip up screen, which makes low-to-the-ground shots way easier.  The result allowed me to compose the scene more completely than I did last year.  Plus, the processing and color rendering of the D750 is clearly superior to that of the older D610.  Win win?  Sometimes, you just need to try things over again.

Reflections make for amazingly dynamic landscapes in Cars Land!


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