Trolley #2

Main Street is currently under refurbishment to completely replace the trolley tracks and add new brick paving down the trolley lane from Town Square all the way to The Hub, which means the Main Street Vehicles are not running at the moment.  And perhaps sensing that guests might be missing some of them, one of the trolley cars appeared at Town Square a couple of weeks ago, stationed as a photo op.  This was an uncommon sight, because the Vehicles typically do not run after the park reaches a certain capacity, due to the obvious hazards of combining crowds with moving vehicles.  Seeing a trolley car just on the street was a nice treat, so I had to get a few shots.  It was such a nice scene to see the trolley sitting there, as though it was resting after a hard day's work.  Perhaps we'll see more of this even after the trolley cars reopen.

A Main Street Trolley rests at Town Square at night.


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