Flying Through FANTASMIC!

I decided to have a theme today of moments in Disneyland's FANTASMIC! where characters are afloat in the air, one way or another.  There are a few of them that happen.  The new Pirates of the Caribbean scene that replaces [my beloved] Peter Pan segment is chock-full of them.  A new Aladdin scene with the titular character and his love, Jasmine, is another.  And the Tangled part of the princess barges even includes a callback to the previous Snow White moment, when the leading man picks up the leading lady for a flourishing spin.  Yes, throughout this magical show, there are plenty of characters catching plenty of air!

Aladdin and Jasmine soar through the air through a whole new world.
Captain Jack Sparrow finds himself in a swinging position behind his pirate ship.
Elizabeth Swann also gets in on the high flying action.
Rapunzel and Flynn contribute their part too.  Rapunzel "flies" in a circle a Flynn picks her up!


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