Lantern by the Cape

A look back onto the Cape Cod area of Tokyo Disney Sea's American Waterfront is a view of charm, nostalgia, and tranquility.  The classy boats drifting in the peaceful cove, the elegant buildings that call to mind New England, and the part-rustic, part-sea town vibe all combine for a wonderful ambiance.  The area has a few natural framed views, and this one taken from the light house looking toward town hall is one of my favorites.  In the early evening hours, it reminds me of the reward of going home at the end of a hard earned day, eager to return to loved ones.  These warm feelings are commonplace at Tokyo Disney Sea.  The majesty of the park is truly that inspirational!

A lantern in the foreground, a fire in the background.  The juxtaposition relates!
As a side note, this week, my computer has run into some technical difficulties.  I've had this one for a while, so it's kind of old, but not really that old.  While I'm trying to resolve things, I may have to get it fixed up, which means that for the first time in the history of this blog, there may be days with missing blog posts.  Rest assured, I'll try to keep up the regular posting schedule as best I can, but if you see some gaps, you now know why.


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