The Christmas Buoys

I think one of the more brilliantly understated holiday theming elements at the Disneyland Resort is located in Pacific Wharf.  There, next to the bridge that connects the small land to the former Paradise Pier (now Paradise Park at the hub of the connection), three buoys can be found, lit up with a shining star atop each.  In the background, the glowing lights of Pixar Pier shine brightly and colorfully.  There's a certain, fun juxtaposition in this scene, where the tranquility of Pacific Wharf in foreground is set off by the implied buzz and activity of the luminous Pixar Pier beyond.  There's almost a Pleasure Island (from Pinocchio) feel to it.  And as much as the distance beckons, it's that quiet elegance of the Christmas tree buoys that constantly brings me back to a sense of peace and good tidings.  It is, as I've said, brilliantly understated.

Christmas tree buoys float serenely in the waters of Pacific Wharf in front of the re-imagined Pixar Pier.


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