A Critter Country Christmas IV

Every couple of years, I try retaking this photo to see what different spin or editing I can do to evolve my vision of the most rustic holiday atmosphere in Disneyland Park.  The first couple of times were limited by my photography expertise and camera gear--they turned out too dark and underexposed to really take advantage of the time I had to get the photos correct in camera.  But once I was able to understand how to properly expose my brackets, my resulting photographs took in more detail than before, recovering the little bits of holiday decoration from the shadows and bringing more luminance to the scene.  This time around, I thought it might be interesting to give a morning blue hour feel, almost as though the park is waking up before the crowds arrive.  Of course, this photo was actually taken closer to midnight, but today's cameras take in so much light with shorter settings that it's not too hard to simulate the lighting of a different part of the day without sacrificing the fidelity of the photo!

Splash Mountain after hours and in Christmas garb.


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