Disney Sea's Floating Christmas Tree

Tokyo Disney Sea is not like any Disney theme park in the world, and that pattern carries with its iconic Christmas tree, which is not a tree at all but rather repurposed from the FANTASMIC! show's sorcerer's hat barge.  Turns out a magical conical piece of headwear can also serve as a pretty fancy and splashy towering Christmas tree, especially when it has video screens and integrated pyrotechnics to really make a dazzling scene.  The park's tree lighting ceremony ends up being a water cavalcade of Disney characters, with the tree unveiling itself in a World of Color-esque chorus of music and lights and lasers and more.  It's a lovely and grand reveal, fitting of the most spectacular theme park in the world!

Water and lights mark the Tokyo Disney Sea grand Christmas tree.

See? It's Christmassy!

Disney characters parade across the water to celebrate.

Mickey and Minnie lead the gang!

And yes, there are some fireworks to cap off the big moment!


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