Hail Santa

On the same day that I visited Disneyland and decided to actually photograph A Christmas Fantasy parade for the first time, I also happened to catch it during its nighttime run coming back up from Main Street.  Or rather, I caught the tail end, but it still provided some great opportunities to get some nice close-up's of Santa Claus on his lavish parade float, with the beautiful and shimmering glow of Main Street's Chrismas tree and hanging garlands draping behind him.  Santa, of course, was full of interaction, but my favorite shot of him ended up being this moment where it looked like he was taking it all in like some sort of adored diety aware of his following.  And I suppose Santa Claus does fit that description, but he's not supposed to know it, is he?

Santa Claus takes in the Christmas ambiance and his adoring followers in A Christmas Fantasy.


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