A Sorcerer to Movie Magic

Walt Disney Studios is the least impressive Disney theme park out of the dozen worldwide, and these days, with its current construction for the upcoming Avengers Campus, opening later this year, it's even less of a park than normal, because some of the attractions that were part of the Production Courtyard, like the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster and the Lights Motor Action stunt show are inaccessible.  This does leave a lot of photo ops, but the front is an exception, since the entry plaza offers a few of the more "iconic" views of this long-neglected theme park.  This fountain featuring Sorcerer Mickey is one of the more atmospheric areas, but even then, the atmosphere is an attempt to bring in the romance of the Hollywood movie-making environment into the scene.  Results may vary for each guest.

Sorcerer Mickey does a bit of splish-splashing at the front of Walt Disney Studios.


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