Pu'u Kilo

When Disney does landscape, they don't just settle for pretty gardens and nice trees. No, they have to tell a story and transport guests to a different world.  Even when that world is based on where they're already located, Disney has to up the dramatic visual moments and provide something monumental.  Case in point, in Hawaii, Disney has created a volcano as a central feature in its Waikolohe Valley.  As the peak of a pair of water slides concealed by the structure, it's a fun bit of disguise.  It also functions as a "weenie" in the Aulani Resort, similar to the role a castle plays at a Magic Kingdom Park, centering guests and giving them a recognizable icon to orient them and attract them.  Rising above the beautifully verdant foliage, Pu'u Kilo makes for a majestic sight, and it's a part of the wonder and grandeur that Disney has installed at this Hawaiian paradise!

The towering peak of Pu'u Kilo rises above the lush greenery in the Waikolohe Valley, the central courtyard of the Aulani Hotel and Resort.


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