Cruising the Waikolohe Stream

Friends who know me understand that I'm not a water recreation person. I don't swim. I'm not a big fan of water rides or getting drenched.  I don't really go into the ocean.  I prefer to admire the water from afar.  

The exception to this, however, is the lazy river.  The fixture of many a water park, the lazy river is a fun, tranquil, soothing float around slow-moving circuit, just soaking up the sun and enjoy the vibes of a really nice day.  And at the Aulani Resort, the Waikolohe Stream might just be the ultimate lazy river, drifting through a gorgeous tropical landscape, through unnels, around "riverbends," and all in all providing the most calming and enjoyable of experiences.  Here are some photos along the Waikolohe Stream, serving as more examples of the grandeur of Disney's majestic Hawaiian property!


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