The Old Castle

A lot has changed at Hong Kong Disneyland since I last visited in 2016.  Tomorrowland has gotten some Marvel-ous expansions.  New construction is ongoing for a new Frozen-themed land set to open later this year.  And most notably, the park's castle has been transformed from its original clone of Disneyland Anaheim's Sleeping Beauty Castle to the towering and multi-faceted Castle of Magical Dreams.  I don't have any photos of the castle since its makeover, but I do have photos of the before version.  Clean, bright, and geometrically straight and plumb, it comes off like a prefabricated version of the California iteration assembled on site (then again, everything from Main Street through the castle feels like this).  It's a look back into Disney history--from not that long ago!

A full, head-on view of the original iteration of Hong Kong Disneyland's castle.


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