Carthay Circle Dining: The Sequel

Last month, I wrote about my first visit to the Carthay Circle Restaurant, Disney California Adventure's home for high class dining.  A week after that visit, I was able to make a second trip to the restaurant with another group of friends and indulge in more fine cuisine.  Here's a look at some more offerings from DCA's signature restaurant.

Grilled Jamaican Jerked King Fish.
I went for seafood as my main fare this time around and grabbed the king fish.  Set in a bed of pineapple, mango, and black bean salsa, this dish provided a light but surprisingly filling lunchtime meal. The fish was firm but tender, and though not necessarily light, pretty tasty.  The "tropical salsa" provided a nice tangy complement to the fish itself, leading to a scrumptious meal.

Udon Noodle Bowl with a collection of seafood.
The Udon Noodle Bowl a friend ordered was not what I was personally picturing.  Served in a red Thai curry broth, with shrimp and mussels, shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, and daikon, this dish provided a fusion of eastern and western sources.  The udon was more like spaghetti in a broth, and there was a nice little zing to the meal.  Pretty tasty for seafood lovers!
The Korean Pulled Pork Sandwich.
The Brown Derby Cocktail.
The Korean Pulled Pork Sandwich was another fusion creation.  Served with kimchi, topped with an egg sunny side up, and sandwiched within Sriracha mayo-lathered buns, this twist on the traditional barbeque fare was quite delectable.  The egg could get a little drippy, of course, but gave a nice touch to this gourmet sandwich. The house fries served alongside were pretty tasty as well. Nicely seasoned and relatively crispy, they proved to be popular around the table, as our group did not hesitate to pilfer a couple to sample.

And of course, I'd be remiss not to mention Carthay's excellent collection of wine, beer, and liquor.  This trip, I elected to try the Brown Derby, a bourbon concoction mixed with grapefruit juice and honey.  Definitely stiff, but quite tasty!

I'd like to try dinner at Carthay sometime soon.  The menu is slightly different, with enhanced entree options.  But lunch has been pretty good for me the two times I've gone.  Of course, the Fire Cracker Duck Wings and Carthay House Biscuits are can't-miss treats for appetizers.  We happily gorged on those before our main courses.  So take a trip out there if you can! I think you'll be pleasantly satisfied!


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