A New Icon Arises

Years ago, when the Imagineers were looking to revamp Disney California Adventure, someone made the decision to turn the park's most noticeable icon ("weenie," in Disney-speak) from the old Sunshine Plaza sun (derisively nicknamed the "hub cap" by non-fans) to the Carthay Circle Theater, in honor of the movie palace that housed the world premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  It wasn't a stretch to call this an improvement back when news of the DCA expansion and remodel first broke, but now that everything's been built, I can safely confirm that Disney made the right call.

The Carthay Circle Theater/Restaurant (actual theater not included) is grand, majestic, and visually striking.  It forms a regal icon for a reborn theme park and creates quite the backdrop for visitors entering or exiting the park.  So much so that it's hard to resist taking one more shot before leaving--even if it's an hour after the park has officially closed, and security is advancing in its nightly sweep of the park to make sure all guests have indeed left for the night!

The Carthay Circle Restaurant, after the park as closed.


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