Castles in the Gallery

The Disney Gallery is one of my favorite spaces inside of Disneyland, if only because of the fantastic exhibits it regularly features.  Back when I first started making a point of visiting it, it was still housed above Pirates of the Caribbean, inside what is now the Disneyland Dream Suite.  I was disappointed when they closed that down several years ago and quite ecstatic when Disney announced they were relocating it to Main Street, next to the Opera House.

Currently, the Disney Gallery features an homage to the castles that grace the theme parks.  Plenty of concept art showing interior, facades, and even ideas that never made it past print are featured prominently. And in the middle is a pretty fantastic model of Le Château de la Belle au Bois--Disneyland Paris' Sleeping Beauty Castle.  It's a great show and should run for at least several more months before the gallery is updated, so I encourage Disney fans to stop by and take a look!

The main exhibit room of the Disney Gallery.


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