A Town Square Halloween

We're coming down on less than a week until Halloween.  That's less than one week before these festive, orange-y decorations make way for those of the upcoming winter holiday season.  I've had the chance to do a few late-night photo runs at Disneyland during this time, and I must reiterate how much I've enjoyed these autumn trimmings, especially on Main Street, which always evokes that nostalgic appeal.  So enjoy these snapshots from Main Street's Town Square, because it will soon have to be another year before it looks like this again!

That friendly giant Mickey Pumpkin is a popular photo spot, though the guests have almost all gone home here.

Still, a few get some final photos in (including the one behind this camera!).

The Main Street Station is beautifully lit and decorated at night!

The Opera House is elegantly dressed as well!


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