Halloween and Beyond

I've posted quite a few shots from The Hub during Halloween Time, and I think it's obvious why. It's so photogenic and inviting, and when you combine this with long exposures that really bring out the vivid hues and illumination of this area, the resulting images are pretty wonderful.  This last angle looks westward with the connotation of gazing toward the horizon.  Come this time of the year, that's really what seems to happen.  Summer ends, and the seasons change, and Halloween brings a crisp spook into the air.  And then it's November, with Thanksgiving around the corner, and beyond that, the winter holidays.  It's the downhill portion of the year, and though Halloween Time has been a lot of fun, even more magic awaits.

Stick around.  As Walt famously said, "We're just getting started..."

Walt and Mickey say goodbye to Halloween Time as October draws to a close.


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