Summer at Carthay Circle

We'll pause briefly in Halloween Time photos to look back upon the summer--specifically, the end of summer. That time when the days start gradually shortening, but there's still plenty of sun and fun to be had. Only you know that those carefree times are coming toward an end, and that fall and the days of vacation are drawing to a close.  Still, it doesn't detract from the magic still to be captured.

Now, for those of us who are no longer in school, there's not quite as much of a difference between summer and the rest of the year, but at the Disneyland Resort, the tide of the busy season does wane a little once fall approaches.  That doesn't mean the parks aren't as enjoyable. Heck, from my perspective, it's even better... there's a moment late in the summer season when the crowds start to die down noticeably, because some children are still back in school, but the parks are still in summer operations--which means I can enjoy the benefits of summer without battling the waits of summer.  Win-win, that's the ticket!

Beautiful Carthay Circle on a late summer day.


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