Mickey and the Magical Map

I... might be a little tardy with this one, but earlier this year, I took some photos of Mickey and the Magical Map, and I finally got around to processing these images of a show that debuted over Memorial Day weekend last year.  Well, better late than never. Take a look at the scenes of this wonderfully done 25-minute stage show over in the back of Fantasyland!

The map makers put some finishing touches and sign and dance to the opening refrain of the musical.
The map is a creation of the powerful wizard, Yen Sid.
Mickey Mouse, reprising his Sorcerer's Apprentice role, emerges to join the performers.
The plot centers around Mickey's attempt to become a map maker and finish the last black blotch of the map, which becomes an animated character named "Spot" who runs away.  Mickey's pursuit takes him to various lands.
The world of the Jungle Book is the first, complete with "I Wanna Be Like You" song and dance number.
Three heroines emerge in the next scene. First, Pocahontas.
Then Mulan.
Finally Rapunzel.

Apparently, only Rapunzel gets her man.
Off to the oceans, and a Finding Nemo number.

This one is a very extravagant stage production, with plenty of dancers on stage and in the crowd, and body balloons too!
Mickey realizes that maybe Spot doesn't want to be painted and doesn't have to.  This realization bonds the two.
They set off for the final destination, featuring Stitch!
Mickey realizes the true power of the map is not what's there, but what possibilities emerge from it.  Spot turns out to be Yen Sid's pupil (literally, from his eye), watching Mickey the whole time to see if he gained the wisdom to become a map maker.
The finale is a big celebratory scene featuring Princess Tiana.
Mickey joins in the revelry.
Air blasted ribbons go off, signifying the finale.
And that's the show, folks!


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