The Chicken of the Sea

When Disneyland Park opened in 1955, at the back of Fantasyland, there was a mighty pirate ship.  This was the Chicken of the Sea, Captain Hook's famous pirate ship, and it was part of a restaurant establishment in the area that is occupied by the Dumbo attraction today.  A few years later, in 1960, Skull Rock was added to the area to strengthen the Peter Pan motif, and for decades, it was a scenic area to enjoy a meal or just take in the sights of Fantasyland from an elevated perch.

Unfortunately, due to extensive wear and weathering over the years, the structure was demolished during the 1983 Fantasyland renovation, and it was not able to be reproduced within time and budget.  Gone forever was an original piece of Disneyland lore.  So when the Disney Imagineers were designing Disneyland Paris, they paid tribute by having an inspired replica anchor part of Adventure Isle, in the park's Adventureland.  So the Chicken of the Sea lives on today in France, a part of a sprawling exploration area that is both scenic and honestly a lot of fun to trek through.

Captain Hook's Pirate Ship, moored next to Adventure Isle in Disneyland Paris!


  1. That whole corner of DLP is amazing. Adventure Isle is fantastic anyways, and then with Captain Hook's ship and Skull Rock near Pirates of the Caribbean, which is near Peter Pan's FLight, makes this great pirate-themed mini-land. I love it!

    1. I totally agree. It's unique to the international Magic Kingdoms, and I love all the explorative areas too!


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