Return to the Court

Last year, the Court of Angels was closed as part of the Club 33 expansion and refurbishments.  Gone was a quiet spot in the middle of New Orleans Square away from the hustle and bustle of the park.  Instead, the Court of Angels was transformed into the new entrance to Club 33.

Recently, I had a chance to visit briefly, and naturally, I photographed this beautifully tranquil courtyard in its redone appearance.  It retains much of its character, though new Art Nouveau light fixtures and a handrail have been added to the stairs, and an accessible elevator has been installed on the side opposite the direction pictured below.  The Court des Anges is a lovely place to relax before entering Club 33 or Le Salon Nouveau now, but I do miss the ability to spend time in it whenever I want.  The Club 33 and New Orleans Square refurbishments certainly caused a controversy among the Disney park fan community, and though I find most of the area still charming and lovely, I do agree with the more critical parties on the public loss of this space.  Mostly because I miss it.  It does make the times I can enter it more special, though.

The Court of Angels, revamped for the refurbished Club 33.


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