L'hôtel dans le Parc

When it opened with the park in 1992, the Disneyland Paris Hotel became the first Disney property to offer room views into a Disney theme park.  Even today, it still marks a unique and very grand entrance into Disneyland Paris--a dashing mix of Victorian styles that imbibe elegance and grandeur.  This hotel was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering in conjuction with world-renown hospitality firm Wimberly, Allison, Tong, and Goo--a firm I actually interned at for two summers ten years ago--and will feature recognizable Victorian style elements to anyone who's ever been to the Grand Floridian at Disney World, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, or the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel--which all also featured design work or input from WATG. 

The hotel creates a wonderful and bold statement for guests entering the park, and the ground level arcade also provides a nice bit of protection from the elements, in case one needs it.  Mostly, it's just a very beautiful building, and it must be wonderful to stay in one of the rooms overlooking the park!

Looking back upon the Disneyland Paris Hotel from inside the park.


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