Promenade Beside the Pier

I've always considered the Boardwalk restaurants along Paradise Pier to be a very underrated part of the Disney California 5-year Redesign Plan.  Though not as flashy as Cars Land or prominent as Buena Vista Street or even as crowd-attracting as Toy Story Midway Mania, the redevelopment of this dining promenade into Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta and the Paradise Garden Grill provided a lovely space to eat, people watch, and relax.  Shaded and pleasantly landscaped, it's also home to some nice entertainment options.  Plus, the restaurants themselves are vastly superior versions of their predecessors.  Yes, I very much enjoy this area, and I don't think it gets nearly the attention or acclaim it deserves!

The north entrance to the Boardwalk restaurant area is adjacent to Goofy's Sky School.
Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta provides delicious Italian fare.
The architecture is playful and colorful, but elegant in its own way.

There is bountiful seating, much of it covered, which is welcome on warm Southern Californian days.

This gazebo was salvaged from Bountiful Valley Farm across the park before it made way for Cars Land.

And Paradise Garden Grill offers delicious Mediterranean style cuisine--and specialty foods during certain times of the year!


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