The Festival of Sweetness

We're back today with the Disney California Food and Wine Festival, and today, we focus on the items that satisfy your sweet tooth!  The Festival Marketplace features booths with five total dessert items, each with its own blend of delectable sweetness and each appealing to a different type of palate.  Lets take a look at these scrumptious items!

The Milk Chocolate Caramel Tart with Almond Brittle and Sea Salt ($4.25 + tax), at the "LA Style" booth, is absolutely delicious, with luscious chocolatey and caramel taste, a nice salty crunch, and extra sweetness from the white chocolate candy swirl.  Some people may find this too sweet, but I like my after meal dishes that way.

The Apple Bacon Whoopie Pie with Maple Cream Cheese Icing and Bacon Brittle ($3.75 + tax) at the "Gold Rush" booth was surprisingly tasty!  I usually don't like to mix sweets and savory tastes, but the bacon provide a nice, non-overwhelming saltiness that paired very nicely with the subtle maple icing.  

Based on description, this was the dish I least expected to care about.  Found in the "Bay the Bay" booth, the Coconut Tapioca Layered with Fresh Mango, Lychee Boba, Mango Coulis, with Green Tea Micro Sponge and Sesame Tuile ($4.25 + tax) was refreshing and fruity, with a lingering mellow sweetness.  The tapioca gave a nice soft pop between the teeth, and though the sponge cake was a little strange, it was nice together with the gelatin components of this dish.
The Meyer Lemon Macaron, with Blueberry Marmalade, Meyere Lemon Cream, and Dried Blueberry Dust ($3.50 + tax) at "The Farm" booth, was another nice surprise.  The lemon flavor was not overwhelming, and the blueberry marmalade inside provided a nice tartness.  The macaron shell was soft with a light crispness, lending a pleasant texture to this miniature cake.

Finally, the Blackberry Tart with Rosemary Vanilla Bean Creme Fraiche and Cabernet Wine Glaze ($4.00 + tax) at the "Wine Country" booth was... actually a little disappointing based on my expectations.  I love blackberries, but this dish didn't seem as rich in flavor diversity as the others.  It was pretty much all blackberry in a tart breading that was a bit tough.  The candied rosemary was pretty nice, but I'd qualify the dish strictly in the average category--good, but not fantastic.
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