Mysterious Island at Night

Mysterious Island is so absolutely beautiful at night that it seems utterly unreal.  At the same time, it is frustratingly complicated to photograph, because a combination of the park tripod ban (including miniature and mobile tripods such as "Gorilla-pods") plus ROUND FREAKIN' HANDRAILS means that it's darn near impossible to find a flat surface on which to place my camera for a long exposure of this intensely beautiful land.  My solution?  A lesson from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: bring a towel.  With a towel, I can "level out" the curved space between my camera body and lens and the round railing below it, filling in the gap to create a someone firm support.  Then I can set my scene, grasp both my camera and the railing tightly, and hold painfully still as the seconds tick by, hoping that the camera doesn't slide--not even a little.

For the most part, this proved to be relatively successful!  I took primarily two-shot exposures at night in Mysterious Island to save time, banking on my full frame sensor to pick up sufficient dynamic range, but this still meant the brighter exposure required shots upward of 30 seconds long.  Judge for yourself to see if the "towel method" worked.  I like to think that it did.

Mysterious Island sparkles with the excitement and allure of the unknown.


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