Frozen: Live at the Hyperion

A couple of months ago, Frozen: Live at the Hyperion debuted as the replacement for the Aladdin live stage show.  The show is a Broadway style musical covering the major points of the hit movie, and I finally visited to watch the show and take pictures.  Here's a look at this live theater spectacular!

The show features rich use of some beautiful 3D-mapping projections.
We start with the ice harvesters singing "Frozen Heart."
Then cut to young Anna and Elsa playing.
Elsa does her magic but can't quite control it, resulting in Anna being injured.
The King and Queen rush after hearing Elsa's frightened cries.
They call upon the Troll King to heal her, but he takes away Anna's memories of Elsa's magic as well.

Anna and Elsa's parents close the castle gates and isolate themselves to keep Elsa's secret hidden.
"Conceal, don't feel."
But then the King and Queen perish in a tragic shipwreck, and the sisters are orphaned.  They never got to build that snowman...
Years later, it's Coronation Day.
"For the first time in forever," Anna will get to interact with more than just the royal staff.

Maybe she'll even meet The One!

Meanwhile, Elsa tries to keep it together.
In the middle of the hubbub, Anna runs into and meets Hans. 
The coronation ball.

"Love Is an Open Door"

After agreeing to Hans' marriage proposal, Anna asks her sister for her permission.

That goes terribly, so Elsa wanders off to "let it go."

And casually creates Olaf. N.B.D.

An icy chandelier above the orchestra seating.
"The cold never bothered me anyway."
Meanwhile, somewhere else, Sven appears.

"Reindeer are better than people..."

Anna finds Kristoff and Sven and royally demands them to take her to find the Ice Queen.

But they're chased by scary wolves!
"Take that!!"
And then they fly off a cliff...

They land in a snowy clearing and meet Olaf.

Olaf loves warm hugs and wonders what it would be like "in summer."

Anna finds Elsa and tries to reason with her sister and get her to break the icy curse.

That didn't work.

Kristoff takes Anna to his troll family to try to heal her.

"So she's a little bit of a fixer-upper."

Trolls. Always setting you up on blind weddings.

Kristoff brings Anna back to Hans so that he can give her true love's kiss and stop the icy magic that has pierced Anna's heart.


In the climactic scene, Hans battles a raging storm to try to kill Elsa and "be the hero."

Anna takes the hit just as freezes to ice, saving her sister's life.

Tears over the sacrifice.

But it turns out that was the act of true love required to break the curse.

Elsa returns everything to warm weather, and Kristoff and Anna kiss.
Happily ever after!


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