Club 33 Eats

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to dine at Club 33's main dining room for the first time in several years.  This was the first time I had dined there since the 2014 remodel, which brought with it a significant upgrade in the menu under the leadership of Chef Andrew Sutton, best known for his menus with Napa Rose and Carthay Circle Restaurant.  Prior to 2014, the food at Club 33 was good but nowhere worth the prices commanded.  Instead, guests paid for the experience and the history of dining in an exclusive venue that formed a direct part of Walt Disney's legacy.  Plus, Club 33 remains the only place inside Disneyland Park where guests are allowed to drink alcohol.  But as far as the food went, it was more like Blue Bayou quality--not bad, but not worth paying $100 for a meal.

These days, the menu is significantly better.  Although the cost may not quite be completely matching the food quality, the difference is a lot smaller, and the prix fixe menu offers some absolutely delectable options.  An optional wine paring also ups the culinary ante, and the result is a dining experience that richly rewards the taste buds.  Here are a few shots of lunchtime inside the Club 33 dining room.

The menu reflects the new Club 33 logo and the Court of Angels.
The cocktails are fantastic inside the Club. They always have been.
A Vieux Carre--quite tasty if you enjoy whiskey type drinks.
Crab cake is one of the appetizers.

A house green salad is an option for the second course.
The filet mignon is absolutely scruptious, especially with taleggio cream.
The seared fish of the day was a swordfish, served with green beans.
The Manjari chocolate cake bar was pretty incredible.  Light and rich and taste bud changing.


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