A Glimpse of Rainbow Ridge

When I was a kid, I used to think that the queue of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was so cool, because they went and create a whole themed western town just to give waiting guests something really nice to look at.  Of course, Rainbow Ridge was part of the ride too--the end of it.  But I really appreciated the ambiance.

Little did I know (and not till later when I was older did I learn) that the elaborate western town facade was actually remnant from a bygone attraction.  It used to be part of the old Rainbow Caverns Mine Train, a much slower moving tour through geological wonders of the Old West.  This attraction eventually became Mine Train to Nature's Wonderland in 1960 and operated that way until 1977, when it closed and was relegated to Yesterland forever to make way for the runaway mine train we all know and love today.  But the Rainbow Ridge town remains, and I love that bits of history that extend as far back as Disneyland's opening years can still be seen today, in pretty close to original appearance!

A Thunder Mountain mine train cruises through the town of Rainbow Ridge.


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