The Wandering Moon Teahouse

One of the aspects of Shanghai Disneyland that I never quite picked fully picked up upon was how little actual sit-down, full service dining restaurants there are.  Instead, almost everything is quick serve, and even though many places offer tables to sit and dine, only two (the Royal Banquet Hall inside the Enchanted Storybook Castle and Shanghai Disneyland's own secret Club 33) provide actual table service.  This means that places that look like and would ordinarily by full service restaurants are actually quick serve.

I found this out the hard way after my trip, and one of the places I regret visiting was the Wandering Moon Teahouse.  Paying tribute to the local Chinese culture and associated with (who else) Mulan, this establishment offers stir fry and noodles, plus a very tranquil and relaxing ambiance.  The theming is traditional and elegant, and though there isn't necessarily a saturation of details, the space inside is very nice.  I just wish I had actually bothered to sit down and have a meal there.  Alas, a goal for next time!


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