A Skull Island for the Monster's Mountain

One of the really neat aspects of Disney Imagineering is how they design elements to blend together and consider a wide variety of angles and views when transitioning from one themed land to another within a theme park.  It's a challenge to convincingly merge peripheral areas of disparate themes, and though some might be easier than others if they are sort of inter-related, there is always thought and anticipation involved in design.

That allows for little momentary gems like this view of Roaring Mountain, fronted by a sinister-looking island in the middle of the waters bounded by Treasure Cove and Adventure Isle.  Though the island is more oriented toward the pirate-themed Treasure Cove side of the park, its texture and aesthetic are very compatible with the menacing feel of Adventure Isle's Roaring Mountain, home to the ferocious Q'aráq monster that has surely left skeletal remains in its wake.

It's just one line of sight, but it's one that was thought out to provide a view for anyone who happens to be looking for it.  And I think that's pretty cool!

An ominous melding of theming elements from different lands lends a foreboding feeling.


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