The French Spanish Tower

Once upon a time, there wasn't nothing really special about Walt Disney Studios' Tower of Terror.  Well, other than being literally the most expensive Disney attraction ever built at its opening (specifically owing to its all-concrete building structure to confirm with French building codes), it was a clone of the earlier Disney California Adventure Tower of Terror.

But then DCA went and changed their Tower to Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout!, and this has left Paris' version as unique.  No, it's not the only Tower of Terror left--Tokyo and Paris still have theirs.  It's not even the only Twilight Zone IP Disney has retained--Orlando still uses the classic TV series.  But this is the only Spanish Pueblo Deco style left (out of an original two), and so, that makes it unique!

Although who knows if this too will become a Guardians ride... we'll see...


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