Flo's V8-Legged Cafe

Radiator Springs transforms into Radiator Screams during Halloween Time, and that means that each of the addresses down the main drag takes on a spookier facade.  At Flo's V8 Cafe, this comes in an arachnid theme, with spiderweb chains above and a little spidercar in the middle.  It's pretty adorable, even if you have arachnophobia, since this is just a car version of a spider, not an actual spider, and the car is honestly cute.  That's the lovely charm of Haul-O-Ween in Cars Land.  It's the spirit of the autumn holiday in heart-warming form!

The spidercar sits after hours in Radiator Screams.


  1. Always a treat to see your photos, Albert! So glad you're still posting here since I'm never on IG anymore lol.

    1. Hey, Chris! Thanks! Glad you appreciate them. Yeah, this blog is somehow still going regularly after all these years. Maybe because it's a low-time consuming endeavor. :)


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