The Haunted Holiday Hallway

It's Halloween Time, and that means the return of the Haunted Mansion Holiday!  For a decade and a half, this beloved dual-holiday overlay of the Haunted Mansion has delighted Disneyland guests who love Halloween, Christmas, or both!  When Jack wrecks the halls, it's quite a sight to see, and people line up to see it!

You wouldn't know it from this photo, though, which shows a rather... empty... line.  I've taken a lot of photos inside the mansion over the years, but I've rarely had the chance to get a picture of the post-Stretching Room hallway with no one in it.  Fortunately, this past Saturday, I was at the parks late and happened to be among the last guests entering the Mansion.  With the permission of a kind cast member, I was able to quickly set up and fire off a pair of exposures to catch the shadows and the highlights, so that I could combine them into the photo you see below.  I think it turned out pretty well (better than my last attempt, at least)--and it's definitely not something one sees everyday!

An empty hallway still presents signs of spirited activity at the Haunted Mansion Holiday.


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