The Diamond Dawn

Today's post is a definite throwback, flashing several years ago prior to the 60th Anniversary Celebration at Disneyland.  It all kicked off with the last 24 hour day Disney has held, and as I had for the previous several, I stuck around all night to stay up for the arrival of morning, and the hope of a dramatic sunrise. 

The sunrise itself didn't end up being that dramatic, but the pre-sunrise did offer some moody blues and magentas to compliment the castle.  And, combined with the glistening rooftops of the recently redone Sleeping Beauty Castle, made for quite a romantic sight!  This is one that is finally completely going away now, as the castle is under refurbishmet--not the which is to fix the roofs and repair leaks and weathering damage.  The new castle will look familiar but definitely different from its Diamond Anniversary aesthetic.  So we celebrate the old look via the photo below!

The early morning dawn of nearly four years ago, at the beginning of the 60th Anniversary Celebration at Disneyland.


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