Aquatopia Through the Day

The first time I saw photos of Aquatopia in a Tokyo Disney Sea publication, I thought it was a bumper boats attraction.  I thought it was a bit weird for Disney to invest in a rather carnival-esque attraction, but it sure did look pretty!  It wasn't until later that I learned that this attraction is actually a trackless ride that takes guests all around a lagoon, spinning and swing them around a preset course.  It's silly and mostly devoid of story, and yet, it's an addictively fun ride, just because of how whimsical it is. 

I was bummed to find it closed and on refurbishment the first time I visit Tokyo Disney Sea.  Fortunately, it was open the second time, and I was able to snap some nice photos of the scenery!

Golden hour at Aquatopia, with Mysterious Island's Mount Prometheus in the distance.

One side of the loading platform.

A whirlpool forms in the middle of the ride.

Another afternoon view.


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