The Holiday Arcade

Tokyo Disney Sea may not be the first Disney park to be flanked by a hotel spanning literally over its entrance area (Disneyland Paris carries that distinction and is the only other park with such a feature), but it's definitely the most spectacular (again, out of two, but still).  The ornate, Italian architecture is incredibly atmospheric, and the vaulted arcade provides a sense of spatial compression before releasing into the spectacular lagoon on the opposite side, punctuated by the monumental Mount Prometheus.  In between, the approach is one of anticipation, as guests see hints of what to come filtering through the columns and arches.  The payoff is definitely worth it.  One might even consider it to be Tokyo Disney Sea's first gift to its guests!

Staring up at the facade for the Mira Costa Hotel and the holiday drapery at Tokyo Disney Sea.

The arcade itself.

Lavish architectural facades adorn the opposite side.


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