Last Rides on Space Mountain

As long as I'm on a rainy evening photo roll, I shouldn't just limit this to recent photo taken locally.  A few years ago, during my second round at the Tokyo Disney Resort, I was fortunate enough to get some rain at the end of the night at Tokyo Disneyland, which led to a bit of running around to get some coveted rainy evening photos from a park normally thousands of miles away from my home base!  Complicating the effort was the fact that Tokyo Disney doesn't allow tripods, so I couldn't just set up my camera in the middle of things.  Instead, I had to find nearby bases and supports from which I could rest my camera for long exposures--trash cans, fence railings, even light posts and poles from which I could brace my camera body for multiple seconds. 

Some turned out better than others, but those that did come out well were pretty radiant, as the example below shows!

A notable rain leaves Tokyo Disneyland's Tomorrowland glistening.


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