Reflections of New Year

A week ago was the eve of the Lunar New Year, and traditional celebrations can last a week or more as people celebrate the passing of another cycle.  The Lunar New Year Celebration has become a welcome and wonderful festival at Disney California Adventure, commemorating a grand holiday in the Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean cultures, and it's been wonderful to see this even grow into its own cultural mini Food & Wine Festival type of an event, with music, food, entertainment, and merchandise heralding the annual event.

But while all of this hustle and bustle provides some wonderful activity during the daytime, it's also nice to take a step back when everything is finished at the end the night and take in the contrasting tranquility.  It's a fitting duality, really.  By day, there is the prosperity and good fortune that comes with the wishes spread during the Lunar New Year, while by night, the peaceful tranquility and order that is also wished with the holiday imbues a relaxing ambiance to the California Adventure environment!

The decorative entranceway into the Lunar New Year Celebration area along Pixar Park is reflected in a puddle one drizzly February evening.


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