Volcano from the Port

Yesterday, I wrote about how the castle represents the fulcum at every Disney Magic Kingdom park, looming throughout the park to center guests.  Well, at Tokyo Disney Sea, a central "weenie" also plays this role, but it's Mount Prometheus, the towering volcano at the heart of Mysterious Island, in the center of this most spectacular theme park.  Mount Prometheus is part of a Jules Verne-themed land, but it can be see from pretty much every corner of the park, and these photos from Port Discovery's Aquatopia show how it plays a part in sightlines.  It's an imposing but magnificent sight, constant throughout the day.  And it fits, even when viewed from someplace as disparate as a futuristic sea port.  This speaks to how fluidly connected everything is at Disney Sea.  It's an amazing pinnacle of thematic design--the most beautiful and spectacular theme park in the world!


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