Skeletons for Treasure

We're one day away from Halloween, and so the spooky posts continue.  But to mix it up, I'll throw in photos from other parks, not during the autumn season, that kind of tie into Halloween-esque scenes.  So today, we've got some skeletal pirates from Shanghai Disneyland!  After all, if there are two things that are very commonly spotted during this spooky time of the year, it's skeletons and pirates.  And Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure has both!  This particular instance occurs relatively early in the ride, as the remnants of pirates past are glimpsed similar to how the original Pirates attraction starts off.  Eventually, guests are transported into the action parts of the buccaneers' lives, but during this early segment, the mood is certainly more eerie and tense.  What battles and turns of events must these seafaring sots have had!  But what unexpected demises they suffered too.  All in the name of treasure!

A pirate meets an untimely end in search of treasure.  And somehow, I suppose the other pirate did too.


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