The Near Miss

When the Indiana Jones Adventure opened at Disneyland in 1994, it was a ground-breaking attraction that redefined the quality and depth of an E-Ticket attraction.  With a brand new ride vehicle, ground-breaking theme park ride effects, a thrilling story, and a franchise that would draw guests, it quickly became the most popular ride in the park and one of the most beloved in Disney history.

It's no surprise, then, that Disney would want to replicate the ride elsewhere, so over in Tokyo Disney Sea, there's a clone of the Indiana Jones Adventure that took guests into the Temple of the Crystal Skull (as opposed to Anaheim's Forbidden Eye).  The ride in Japan is almost the same, except for a really cool smoke ring moment before the ambush of the skeleton warriors.  Indy does manage to dodge all the dangers, however, and when guests finally reunite with the adventurer surveying the damage of the massive boulder, he greets them with the same banter as in the American version--just in Japanese. 

But they, the scene's the same, and I was able to get this snazzy photo of the scene!

Indiana Jones surveys the rubble after narrowly avoiding a rolling boulder.


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